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  • Conservative Nut Ann Coulter Changes Mind About Trump, DESTROYS Him (TWEETS)


    Ann Coulter, whose right wing views border on the insane, apparently no longer views Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump with favor, accusing him of flip-flopping on immigration. She no longer thinks he’s the ideal man to oppress the millions of undocumented immigrants in the country. In a tirade for the ages, Coulter took to Twitter and unleashed a barrage of tweets against the bombastic billionaire, going bananas over Trump’s attempt to reach out to Latinos after months of threatening to build walls and mass deportations. During an interview with the Hill, Coulter said:

    “It’s just rhetoric but it’s still annoying. I think he panicked and he had to say [it] … I don’t think he is softening. I mean the big thing is the wall.”

    Coulter went on to say:

    “What he should’ve said is ‘We’ll decide.’ No one has a right who is here illegally. No one has a right to stay. We’ll decide if it helps the country or not for them to stay.”

    Her criticism came after Trump appeared to be softening his stance on the mass deportation of millions of immigrants, saying that he is open to alternatives:

    “There certainly can be a softening, because we’re not looking to hurt people.”

    And here are Coulter’s wacko posts on Twitter:

    As for Donald Trump, his attempt to soften his stance is too little, too late. There’s no turning back from the reality that he’s alienated pretty much every minority out there. As for Coulter, while her craziness is alarming, in the end, she’s a voice that doesn’t matter.

    Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.