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  • Trump Just Went BONKERS On Meryl Streep And Leo DiCaprio For Supporting Clinton (VIDEO)


    Donald Trump’s temper tantrums and complaints over this year’s elections have become the stuff of comedy as well as alarm. At this point in his candidacy, there’s pretty much no one left to attack. He’s gone after Muslims, Mexicans, the Chinese, the disabled, women, and now he’s even gone after celebrities who support Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. In a tirade for the ages, Trump complained about Hollywood celebrity A-listers who have come out to support Clinton in this year’s presidential elections. Here’s what Trump has to say:

    “The only people enthusiastic about her campaign are Hollywood celebrities, in many cases celebrities that aren’t very hot anymore.”

    Hmm. Is this really a fight Trump wants to pick? Is Meryl Streep, who’s been nominated for what seems like 1,000 Academy Awards not hot anymore? How about Leonardo DiCaprio, who just won an Oscar for best actor and who is probably the most sought after actor today?  What about Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Kerry Washington and George Clooney?

    Yet Trump apparently thinks his “celebrity” supporters are A-listers. They include Scott Baio, who hasn’t been remotely successful since…. I can’t remember when he’s been successful. Then there’s that underwear model Antonio Sabatto Jr., who last appeared on a soap opera in what seems like decades ago.

    Instead of focusing on job creation and American children, many of whom live in poverty, Trump chooses to use his platform to talk about the most stupid things and he still gets it all wrong.

    Watch video here:

    Featured image via video screenshot.