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  • Trump Wishes The Economy Would Fail While Telling His Supporters He Doesn’t Give A Damn (VIDEO)

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    In March, while speaking in Salt Lake City, Utah, Donald Trump speculated on the possibility of a full-blown financial crisis gripping the U.S.

    He warned that due to high interest rates and “everything else” if a financial meltdown was to occur, then it needs to hurry up and happen before Obama leaves office.

    “We’re sitting on a bubble like you’ve never seen and I hope it doesn’t explode when I’m president. If it’s going to explode let it be a couple of days early. You know, I’ll be in there two weeks, the bubble explodes, they’ll say ‘Oh, it’s Trump’s fault.’  Na, I don’t want that,” he said.

    Most people may have assumed Trump was kidding. After all, the billionaire loves to joke about serious issues. However, it was clear that he wasn’t joking. Trump absolutely does not want to deal with a crisis on his watch.

    “We are sitting on a bubble and it’s a very dangerous bubble right now. You take a look, with what they’re doing with interest rates, we have free money, everything else,” he said in March. “We’re sitting on a big fat ugly bubble, at some point, unless we act quickly and smartly, it’s going to explode.”

    If there’s one thing you can rely on, it is that Donald Trump is serious about avoiding any semblance of accountability for his actions; more than 3,500 lawsuits have already told us as much.

    What’s even sadder is that Trump doesn’t care about winning the election. For months, there has been a lot of speculation over whether or not his presidential run was intended to be a publicity stunt to grow the value of his brand. Filmmaker Micheal Moore said as much in an interview recently.

    “Donald Trump never actually wanted to be president of the United States. I know this for a fact. I’m not going to say how I know it. I’m not saying that Trump and I shared the same agent or lawyer or stylist or, if we did, that that would have anything to do with anything. And I’m certainly not saying that I ever overheard anything at those agencies or in the hallways of NBC or anywhere else. But there are certain people reading this right now, they know who they are, and they know that every word in the following paragraphs actually happened.

    Trump was unhappy with his deal as host and star of his hit NBC show, “The Apprentice” (and “The Celebrity Apprentice”). Simply put, he wanted more money. He had floated the idea before of possibly running for president in the hopes that the attention from that would make his negotiating position stronger. But he knew, as the self-proclaimed king of the dealmakers, that saying you’re going to do something is bupkus — DOING it is what makes the bastards sit up and pay attention.”

    Read more here.

    However, Trump’s own words from May seemed to validate Moore’s story.

    “My attitude is, I don’t care, I don’t care. If we’re not going to do it right, I don’t care. I’ll go and I’ll, you know, live it out, I’ll build buildings, and I’ll have some fun and I’ll kick the bucket. That’ll be the end. I’ll be just fine. You understand. I don’t care. We’re going to do it right, folks. We’re going to do it right,” Trump promised.

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