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  • Trump FIRES Campaign Chair Paul Manafort Following Felony Russian Lobbying Scandal (VIDEO)

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    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign underwent yet another shakeup on Tuesday resulting in the removal of Paul Manafort as campaign chairman.

    Recent reports indicate that Manafort may have been involved in illegal fundraising activities. He’s accused of helping a pro-Russian government body in Ukraine send more than $2 million to Washington lobbying firms without disclosing that information to the U.S. Government.

    According to the AP, Manafort assisted in routing the payments in 2012 and hid them from disclosure in an attempt to influence U.S. policy. In the U.S., lobbyists are required by law to keep a record of any foreign interests, political parties, or leaders.

    Failing to disclose this information is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a maximum $250,000 fine.

    Over recent weeks, both Trump and Manafort have been under intense scrutiny concerning their potential ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump was roundly criticized for his remarks in which he suggested that Russia should hack into Hillary Clinton’s computer to find her deleted emails.

    In the past, the Trump family has had various business ties to Russia and Manafort once worked for former Pro-Russian Ukrainian President  Viktor Yanukovych.

    Manafort’s position with the Trump campaign was dramatically diminished on Tuesday as Trump brought in new top aides to help save his free-falling campaign.

    No word yet on if CNN, MSNBC, or FOX NEWS have reached out to the former chairman with an offer yet.

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