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  • A Real Trump Focus Group Was Shown Fake Trump Ads And It’s Hilariously Frightening (VIDEO)

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    This presidential campaign has been an eye opener for nearly everyone who thought they had a finger on the pulse of the nation’s electoral temperament. We didn’t. Trump voters have appeared to come from nowhere to throw aside any sort of common sense, and in this video, the hilarious Triumph the Insult Dog proves it by calling in a focus group of Trump voters and playing them fake campaign ads.

    We already know that Trump voters don’t really give a damn about what Trump actually says. All Trump needs to do is hate (or pretend to hate) everyone but them. It’s amazing what an ego boost white people get from a candidate who insults everyone else, and in one case, even one of them.

    The focus group was shown a series of ads with proposals that sound completely off the wall and ridiculous. The voters didn’t care.

    When asked why they supported Trump, their responses were as vague as Trump supporters’ answers always are: “he’s real, he speaks what’s on his mind.”

    The very not real commercials offered solutions to problems that conservatives love to think we have. None of the solutions were real, and some realized that, but they still didn’t care.

    The first ad proposed guns in women’s restrooms, chained to the dispenser, and available to use if a transgender person walks in. This proposal raised some eyebrows among the focus group, but one voter thought it was a great idea because we never had a transgender issue before Caitlyn Jenner and Barack Obama. Uh huh.

    Another ad speculated whether Hillary Clinton was a man, “why doesn’t she just say, ‘I’m not a man?’ What’s so wrong with saying, ‘I’m not a man?'” Obama, though, according to the ad, is a woman. Overall, the focus group, with a couple of snickers, loved that ad.

    The next ad dealt with Trump’s wall between Mexico and the United States. The ad said it would take a year to build, so the temporary solution was an electric fence and a shock collar (like a dog) for every Mexican. According to the ad, every person in Mexico will love the shock collars because they will have bling. One attendee realized how logistically impossible this would be and another added that Mexicans would cut off the bling and sell it. Nah, Trump voters aren’t racist, not at all. One wanted to pretend to vaccinate each and every Mexican citizen and instead attach some sort of shock device. Note to that Trump supporter: Alex Jones conspiracy theories are not instruction manuals.

    The next ad was even more outrageous, but that didn’t faze the supporters. It proposed taking port-a-potties to “all the places Mexicans congregate,” and locking them in the port-a-potties and then driving the port-a-potties back to Mexico.

    There was a bit of insight into the typical Trump voter. They sort of like that Trump throws out outrageous stream of consciousness ideas, and that he’ll have a team of advisors to sort them out. The problem of course, is that the only advisors he listens to share his DNA, and lately, we can’t be sure he’s listening to them. To Trump supporters, though, Trump is a visionary and whether any of his ideas are workable is completely irrelevant. In other words, they live in a fantasy bubble which is virtually impossible to break.

    The next ad is like the port-a-potty one, only for women. It proposes trapping housekeepers in houses, which will be taken to Mexico, then, the Mexican housekeepers can buy the house, which is now on Mexican land. That idea was a crowd favorite. “Caging them in, shipping them out.” Yeah, that’s humane.

    The last ad proposed making all abortions illegal, except in urban (i.e. black) cities. Depending on how bad the city, abortion will be legal at various stages during the pregnancies. For example, in Detroit, the ad says, women can abort full term babies and in Newark, NJ, a month after the baby is born. At that point you have to imagine that these people would finally be in on the joke. They weren’t. Ironically, the presumably pro-life Trump voters were all for the idea of inner city abortions. They were concerned, though, that if a poor urban woman is paid in Atlantic City gambling chips to have an abortion, there should be a cap on how many times. After all, we don’t want people getting rich by having abortions.

    At the end, a phony Trump called the group, and they still had no idea. Trump even insulted one of the voters and he loved it.

    The only thing you can take away from this is that Trump is right. He could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and he still wouldn’t lose support. Yes, Trump supporters are that dumb.