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  • Mayor Of NYC During 9/11 Just Declared 9/11 Never Happened (VIDEO)


    During elections, there are a lot of things said to merely be hyperbolic and exaggerated to make a point. Then there are things said that are just flat-out lies. Lies so bad, in fact, that you can’t even wrap your head around the ability for them to even be uttered out loud.

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his surrogates have garnered a new ability for the obscene. They are saying things that aren’t only lies to get ahead, but they are outright harmful to many who are listening at home and around the world.

    Then there are lies that literally make you scream at your television set or mobile device because they are just absolutely insane.

    Take, for instance, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The man who was the mayor of New York City during the attacks on 9/11/01. The man who was the mayor of a city during the worst terrorist attack on American soil in the history of the republic. A man who just said there were no major attacks on the United States in the eight years leading up to President Obama taking office.

    Giuliani literally just had the actual audacity to say:

    “Before Obama, we didn’t have any successful radical Islamic attacks in the U.S.”

    This isn’t only inaccurate, it’s insulting to all those who perished on that fateful day. Giuliani just erased that day from his memory as though it never happened all for the sake of political pandering in an effort to throw President Obama and Hillary Clinton under the bus.

    Shame on you, Giuliani. Shame on you. The insensitivity behind your denial of the worst day in United States history just to score political points is horrific.

    Watch former Mayor Rudy Giuliani in complete denial mode here:

    Featured image via video screen capture