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  • Trump Supporter To C-SPAN: Trump Might Start World War III, ‘But We’d Probably Win, Hopefully’ (VIDEO)


    It’s common for most anti-trump voters (also known as sane, rational human beings) to cite Donald Trump’s petulant persona and explosive temper as real threats to both national and international security.  However, it’s pretty unusual to hear that from one of his supporters.

    During a C-SPAN interview, one Trump fan confessed that he was concerned about Trump having access to America’s nuclear arsenal.

    “There’s only one thing that scares me about him is that he’s a very headstrong person, and he don’t like listening to people,” the caller confessed. “And if… there ever will be a World War III, that might happen with him because he’s so bull-headed and headstrong.”

    Given this sobering assessment, one would think that choosing not to support a man you fear could start world war III would be a no brainer. Almost like asking someone if they’d like an ice cream cone or a face full of fire ants. Unfortunately, this Trump supporter must not be terribly fond of ice cream.

    We’d probably win,” the voter said of a Trump-led World War III. “Hopefully.”

    Featured image via Inquisitr and Youtube

    Joe Clark

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