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  • Elizabeth Warren Just Beautifully Pulverized Trump’s Economic Speech In Epic Tweetstorm (TWEETS)


    If there’s one person we’ve been able to rely upon throughout this entire election to tear Donald Trump apart on pretty much every issue, it’s Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

    So, when Trump tried to unveil his economic plan to the nation today in Detroit, Michigan, it only makes sense that Warren was standing by to tear the plan apart piece by piece, tweet by tweet, as it happened.

    I’ve lined up all the tweets here to read, because they are incredibly powerful if read all at once together:

    “Donald Trump’s [economic] plan was written by rich corporate insider advisors to make the economy even greater for rich corporate insiders.

    “Cut regulations massively,” Donald Trump? No rules and no accountability means people get ripped off & markets blow up. Remember 2008?

    A “moratorium” on agency regulations means stopping new rules on shady payday lenders & too-big-to-fail banks.

    Without rules, too many huge banks juiced profits by cheating people on mortgages, credit cards, etc, then crashed our economy.

    Trump gets advice from Bear Stearns’ former chief economist. So Donald Trump: did BS need FEWER regulations when they helped crash our economy?

    Cheating customers and gaming the system might be your business, Donald Trump, but it’s not the way America is going to do business.

    And taxes? Donald Trump wants billionaires and giant corporations to pay EVEN LESS – so there’s less money for ed, infrastructure & research.

    Even Trump’s childcare plan gives billionaires w/ a nanny a tax break while millions of low-income households get nothing.

    Trump’s economics plan is all about helping rich guys like Donald Trump get richer – & leaving everyone else behind.

    The American people aren’t dumb, Donald Trump. We don’t trust you with our nuclear codes AND we don’t trust you with our economy.”

    To be blunt, Trump’s “economic plan” is really no plan at all. It’s just the same old Republican BS that’s been fed to us for decades. The same BS that led to the crash in 2008, and the same BS that will crumble any progress we’ve made under President Obama and the recovery.

    Just say so to the same old Republican economic supply-side bullsh*t. It hasn’t worked, it doesn’t work, and it will never work. Vote blue.

    Featured Photos by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images For EMILY’s List,  Bill Pugliano/Getty Images, Twitter