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Trump’s Self-Destruction Is So Deep He’s Even Losing The Palins

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For months, Democrats and sane people have been asking where the tipping point is for Donald Trump. Trump has insulted everyone from women to minorities to disabled people to Muslims. He even had a baby booted out of a campaign event. None of this has appeared to bother his most ardent supporters, but one thing could point to the end of the Trump campaign, and of his sycophantic following: his treatment of veterans. It’s become so bad that he’s even losing the support of the Palins, or at least of one Palin.

Dakota Meyer is baby daddy #2 husband to Bristol Palin. He’s a veteran and a Medal of Honor recipient for bravery. While we might disagree with him on most issues, at least he, unlike Donald Trump, served. Remember that Sarah Palin is one of Trump’s biggest supporters. Bristol has also been a Trump cheerleader, which makes this tweet from Meyer even more significant:

Perhaps even more telling is the radio silence coming from the rest of the Palin family. It’s been days since Bristol posted anything supportive of Trump. The last pro-Trump post from Sarah was July 29th, which was about the time he began to implode.

Over the last few days, Trump has been shedding supporters faster than he sheds orange hair. His campaign, as of late, has been anything but a well oiled machine, but what offended Meyer was Trump’s attack on the Khans, a Gold Star family who lost their son to the Iraq War. In response to Khan criticizing Trump during the Democratic National Convention, Trump insulted Khan’s Muslim religion:

Trump also came under trouble when he responded to the Democratic National Convention speech of Khizr Khan, who stood on the podium with his wife Ghazala Thursday night, for chastising Trump in proposing a temporary Muslim immigration ban. Khan’s son died in a car bomb while serving in the Iraq war in 2004. Trump responded to Khan’s statement that Trump hadn’t sacrificed anything by saying that he had employed thousands of people and taking a dig at Khan’s Muslim faith by pointing to his wife’s silence.

“If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say,” Trump said on Sunday. “She probably, maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me.”

Source: Jewish Political News

Even after all the political fallout, Trump continues the attack by making himself the victim, despite nearly everyone telling him to stop:

Mr. Trump’s advisers have impressed upon him for days that his clash with the Khans was counterproductive, urging him instead to show deference to them and train his attacks on Mrs. Clinton, people close to the campaign said. Emissaries from the Trump campaign who spoke with Republican lawmakers and party officials in Washington were given the same bracing assessment. A few Republicans in Washington even suggested that Mr. Trump should apologize to the Khans.

Mr. Trump has instead gone in the opposite direction, standing by his harsh treatment of the couple and brazenly antagonizing Washington Republicans.

Source: New York Times

While the entire Palin family has fallen short of denouncing Trump, Meyer is getting a lot of support for his tweet:

Of course, there were also quite a few people turning on Meyer and on the Khans. They were even spewing new conspiracy theories:

That’s okay. Bit by bit, Trump’s gaffes are chipping away at his teflon armor. If he’s not first forced out of the race, he will lose.

Featured image of Donald Trump via Alex Wong at Getty Images | Featured image of Dakota Meyer via Michael Loccisano at Getty Images.