Israel’s Top Military Rabbi: God Permits Soldiers To Rape Non-Jewish Women

Israel’s new top military rabbi has condoned the rape of non-Jewish women during combat, citing the importance of keeping soldiers’ ‘morale’ up during times of war. Rabbi Col. Eyal Karim, who now wields unprecedented power over the lives of millions of Palestinian women, said it is permitted for Israeli Jewish soldiers to “breach” the walls of modesty and:

“Satisfy the evil inclination by lying with attractive Gentile women against their will, out of consideration for the difficulties faced by the soldiers and for overall success.”

The shocking statement is even more frightening in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel has control over the lives of millions of Palestinian women, the majority of whom are under the age of 19. Since 1967, the Palestinians have been under a brutal military occupation that has seen their lands and resources exploited, their homes confiscated for the sake of Jewish settlements, and their civil and political rights denied. Palestinians live under brutal military laws that deny them the most basic of rights while Jewish settlers live under democratic laws that are derivative from Israel. The two tier system of laws has led former President Jimmy Carter and South African civil rights activist and icon Desmond Tutu to label Israel an apartheid racist state. Israel’s current occupation of Palestine is illegal under international law.

Despite Israel’s violation of dozens of United Nations resolutions which call on the country to end its occupation and allow ethnically cleansed Palestinians to return to their homes, and the world’s consistent condemnation over the policies of their genocidal and rapist officials, we continue to give them billions of dollars a year. In fact, a deal about to be signed between the United States and Israel will give the Israelis $5 billion dollars a year for the next ten years. This is in addition to other money that isn’t calculated.

It’s time for the United States to stop groveling to a country that holds too much political power over its politicians and adhere to our values by stopping support for a state that is one of the worst human rights violators in the world. The billions we give them could be used to feed hungry American children.






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