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  • Trump Jr. Says Obama Cheats By Using FAKE Job Numbers Then Admits Daddy Might Do It Too (VIDEO)

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    The 2016 Republican National Convention saw the anointing of Donald Trump as the official Republican presidential nominee. During his acceptance speech, Trump painted a very different picture of Americn than what President Obama and the so-called “facts” portray.

    The billionaire characterized America as a dangerous wasteland with rising crime and an econ0my that’s taking a precarious nosedive into an inevitable collapse. Trump then reassured the convention that he and he “alone” can fix what’s broken in America. Trump’s dark and gloomy picture featured him as the shining golden savior riding a pristine white horse with an American flag in one hand and an AR-15 in the other. Trump’s message was a masterful mix of terrifying misrepresentations and megalomaniacal exaggeration.

    However, his son Donald Trump Jr. proved that he also had a gift for sidestepping the facts and targeting the anxiety of his daddy’s disillusioned fanbase. During a CNN interview with Jack Tapper, the host asked Trump if he cold explain why the crime statistics didn’t match up with his father’s claims.

    Tapper said, “The crime rate is down overall nationwide and has been trending down. Unemployment is much much lower then when President Obama took office. No I’m not defending…”

    Trump Jr. interrupted by throwing out an unsubstantiated allegation to support the Republican “war on cops” narrative, then quickly pivoted to unemployment:

    “Jake lets talk about that. Let’s talk about the murder rate for cops skyrocketing.  Let’s talk about the real unemployment rate, because the way we actually measure unemployment is after x number of months if someone can’t find a job, congratulations, they’re miraculously off,” he said. “That doesn’t count” in the calculation.

    Trump’s son claimed that Obama’s unemployment numbers aren’t the actual unemployment numbers.

    “These are artificial numbers,” Trump continued. “These are numbers that are massaged to make the existing economy look good, to make this administration look good when, in fact, it’s a total disaster. … Those are the people we want to put to work”

    He continued digging his hole.

    “So lets talk about the real numbers. Ya know, when we talk about the numbers as they see it, it’s fake accounting Jake, it doesn’t really work. And that’s not what the actual state of this country is.”

    Tapper then nailed him with a follow-up question that his neocon puppeteers didn’t prepare him for. Tapper asked:

    “So when your father, if your father becomes president. He won’t use the Bureau of Labor statistics’ unemployment rate? He’ll use the overall rate which includes people who have left the workforce and people who work part-time? He’s going to switch? Because every president uses, has used the typical number. He’s gonna use this number that includes everything?

    Trump  Jr. floundered while trying to backtrack away from the question as quickly as humanly possible.

    “Listen, I don’t know what he’s going to do. I’m not a policy wonk in terms of what we are going to decide to do. But, I think we have to acknowledge that there’s those numbers and then there’s the real situation. And they’re very different okay?”

    Junior continued to beat his daddy’s populist drum, claiming that his father speaks for the “forgotten” people who Obama’s numbers don’t represent. But that didn’t change the fact that he confessed that he had no idea what his father would do differently compared to Obama and every other president before him. It turns out Junior isn’t really a “policy wonk.” He just enjoys playing one on TV.

    Also, Politifact has an excellent report on how the unemployment numbers are gathered and why both Trumps are lying when they claim President Obama is “massaging” the numbers.

    Featured image via YouTube.



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