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Hillary Just Got Endorsed By One Of The Most Prominent Members Of LGBT Community

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Many in the LGBT community are reluctant to support Hillary Clinton because she was late to the game in supporting marriage equality and because her husband signed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which did massive damage to gay people in the military. Still, Clinton has come around, and now, The Advocate, which is the largest LGBT publication, has given her an enthusiastic endorsement.

Clinton is featured on the cover of the magazine with the hashtag, #winner. The photo is captioned, “In November, voters will have the opportunity to choose between a vetted and vocally pro-LGBT candidate and an ethically insolvent, chaotic carnival barker.”

Love it!

This is only the second time The Advocate has endorsed a presidential candidate and the first was for Barack Obama, but not till 2012, which was after he too came around on the issue of marriage equality. Part of their endorsement for Obama four years ago was because of Hillary Clinton:

In our endorsement of President Obama’s reelection four years ago, we noted his administration’s embrace of LGBT rights: “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s moving and historic speech to an international audience of the United Nations’ human rights group in Geneva [in December 2011], observing the anniversary of the passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, made the Obama administration’s perspective very clear, that LGBT rights are human rights.”

The magazine goes on to say that LGBT inclusion has been a “pillar” of Clinton’s campaign and that she’s the most LGBT inclusive candidate ever.

She has vowed to champion the Equality Act, the legislation that would enact federal nondiscrimination protections with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity. Clinton’s policy platform called for an end to the ban on transgender military service — now officially gone — an end to quack “conversion therapy” for minors, an end to discrimination against LGBT families in adoptions, improved school conditions for LGBT students, expanded shelters for homeless LGBT youth, affordable treatment for people with HIV, expanded access to PrEP, expanded data collection and other measures to stem the disproportionate violence against trans people, and improved access to correct identification for trans people, along with many other positions that directly affect the rights, health, and welfare of our communities. She has also pledged to continue the United States’ work of improving the condition of LGBT people internationally, a natural extension of that pledge made in Geneva.

As for Trump, they really have no idea how he might be on LGBT issues, other than the fact that he picked Mike Pence as his running mate, who is one of the least LGBT friendly governors in the country.

The Advocate is not the first LGBT organization to endorse Clinton. The Human Rights Campaign endorsed her in January:

“All the progress we have made as a nation on LGBT equality — and all the progress we have yet to make — is at stake in November,” HRC President Chad Griffin said in a statement. “While they fight to take us backwards, Hillary Clinton is fighting to advance LGBT equality across our nation and throughout the world.”

“We are proud to endorse Hillary Clinton for president, and believe that she is the champion we can count on in November — and every day she occupies the Oval Office,” he added.

Source: Washington Post

The organizations aren’t alone. LGBT voters support Clinton over Trump by 4-1. Perhaps that’s something all Americans should listen to, since equality for one means equality for all.

Featured image via Justin Sullivan at Getty Images.