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  • Fox News Viewers Go Berserk, Demand Fox Host Be Fired For What He Just Said (VIDEO/TWEETS)


    Fox host Shepard Smith railed on former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for using the term “All lives matter,” in response to a question posed by Shepard. The interview was conducted in the wake of the Baton Rouge police shootings that left three police officers dead. Here is what Jindal said that led to his pummeling:

    “We gotta say that all lives matter. It doesn’t matter what color you are, black, white, brown, red. It doesn’t matter. All lives matter.”

    Shepard quickly interjected, saying:

    “Governor, you know that phrase you just used is one that’s seen by many as derogatory. I just wonder why it is that you use that phrase when there’s a certain segment of the population that believes that it’s a real dig.”

    Watch video here:

    Shepard cited the fact that people critical of the Black Lives Matter movement have responded by saying that “all lives matter.” He’s right in his analysis. Also, BLM has never said that all lives don’t matter. However, the issues African Americans face in this country are unique, especially given the fact that there have been many shootings of black men across the country.

    Fox viewers though were not at all happy with Shepard with many calling for his firing for his statement:

    It’s unfortunate how many people just don’t get it. Yes, there is no doubt that all lives matter. But, to use the statement as a way to undermine members of a movement who seek freedom, justice, and equality for the African American community is wrong. That’s what Shepard was trying to say. It’s too bad that the privilege these people enjoy blinds them.

    Featured image via video screenshot.