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  • Clinton Makes Fun Of Trump’s Indecisiveness On VP Choice And It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)


    Donald Trump’s lack of decision making skills was on display this week as reports surfaced that he wanted to back out of picking Mike Pence hours before making the official announcement. If his lack of decision making skills on such an important issue is any indication of what he’s going to be like as president, then we’re all in trouble. He also embarrassed Pence, Christie, and Gingrich in the entire process, at one point almost throwing Pence under the bus and picking someone else despite the fact that it was already leaked Pence was the choice before Trump made the official announcement.

    The Clinton campaign immediately took notice of Trump’s VP circus show and released a hilarious but brutal video mocking Trump’s decision making skills as an alarm bell to what he would be like as president.

    The video also sends an important message: Trump throws people under the bus. In what has become an embarrassing display of groveling to the presumptive Republican nominee, Christie looks like he sold his soul to the devil to get the vice-presidential nod yet Trump used then rejected him. Then there’s Newt Gingrich, who groveled last minute, trying to do or say anything to get the nomination. He even went so far as to say that Muslims should undergo a test and if they failed, they should be deported.

    This is the circus show that Trump has created and this is what we would have to deal with as a nation if he becomes president. While the video is hilarious, it sends an important message: do not vote for this guy.

    Watch video here:

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