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  • Trump Just Tweeted About The Nice Attacks In The Most Disgusting Way


    Donald Trump has a knack for politicizing tragedies for his own benefit. He did it right after the Orlando and Dallas tragedies, attacking the president and propping himself up as the man with all the answers, with the problem being he never has answers but criticism, which is often outrageous.

    Trump has done it again, this time using the horrific tragedy in Nice, where dozens of people were crushed to death by a truck, to brag about himself, and score politically. As usual however, it all backfired. He tweeted:

    “#NeverTrump is never more. They were crushed last night in Cleveland at Rules Committee by a vote of 87-12. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

    Here was the perfect response to the outrage we should all be feeling:

    “Did you really say your political foes were “crushed last night” after the attack in Nice? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

    Donald Trump continues to show time and time again that he’s unfit to be a lot of things, especially president of the United States. He’s had a nasty tendency to respond to atrocities in the worst possible way. His hate rhetoric and divisive message has already damaged the country. It is unimaginable to think how he would respond to tragedies like Orlando, Dallas, and Nice if he had power.

    The warning signs are all there. This man must be kept as far away from the presidency as possible.

    Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.