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  • Hillary Just Met With This Potential VP, And Progressives Are Gonna Love It (TWEET)


    If you were one of those people who was already crossing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) off of the list of potential vice presidents for Hillary Clinton, well, you may have spoken too soon. In fact, Warren was just seen at Clinton’s Washington D.C. home discussing that very topic.

    Dan Merica of CNN reported via Twitter:

    “Hillary Clinton met with Elizabeth Warren today at Clinton’s Whitehaven home during a day of meetings about HRC’s VP choice.”

    CNN also reported:

    “The Massachusetts senator left the house an hour after her car dropped her off at the stately home on Whitehaven Street near Dupont Circle, in Northwest Washington, D.C.

    Clinton is meeting with people Friday at her home to go over her running mate selection process, a source familiar with the process said.

    Cars were seen going in and out of the house, with occupants entering through a protected garage. Warren’s was the fourth car to arrive at the home.”

    It’s no secret that the progressive wing of the Democratic party is really hoping for a Clinton/Warren ticket. Not only would it be two women, but it would unite the party and undoubtedly bring Clinton further to the left on many issues.

    Now, there are many who worry bringing Warren on as VP would take her out of the Senate, but keep in mind that having her very progressive voice as second in command to the nation isn’t only extraordinary, but groundbreaking.

    You want to talk about a “revolution,” there’s nothing more revolutionary than two women on the ticket for a major political party who have been fighting for the people their entire careers. That’s just the plain truth whether you want to believe it or not.

    Only time will tell if Clinton does, in fact, choose Warren, and hopefully we’ll know sooner rather than later.

    Featured Photo by J.D. Pooley/Getty Images