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  • CNN Source Says Trump Asked Aides If He Could Get Out Of Picking Pence (TWEETS)


    Donald Trump announced early Friday on Twitter that he’s naming Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate for the general election this fall. However, CNN‘s Dana Bash reported that as late as midnight Friday morning, Trump was scrambling asking advisers if he could back out of the deal he made Thursday afternoon.

    According to reports, Trump said he felt rushed, and he was “irritated” that the media was already reporting Pence as his VP pick.

    The Atlantic author Ben Pershing speculated further:

    NBC News‘ Kelly O’Donnell confirmed Bash’s report. Pence seemed a very unlikely choice for Trump given his track record of disagreeing with the billionaire on numerous major policy issues. Pence also reportedly called Trump “unacceptable” after the nominee called for a Muslim ban following the Paris attacks.

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