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Joe Biden

WATCH: Joe Biden Completely Schools Rudy Giuliani On Black Lives Matter With Style And Class (VIDEO)

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Vice President Joe Biden rejected former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s assertion that Black Lives Matter is an “inherently racist” group describing it as “a very broad statement.”

“Look what (President Barack Obama) said when the Black Lives Matter people in one demonstration said, ‘kill the police, the sooner the better,’ or some phrase like that. The President condemned it immediately,” Biden told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “But that’s not the black community — that group, that element of Black Lives Matter, doesn’t speak for all of Black Lives Matter and does not speak for most folks in the black community, both middle class and poor, who know they are more likely to be pulled over than the Caucasian guy”

While protestors are taking to the streets in several U.S. cities this week to protest shootings in Texas, Louisiana, and Minnesota, the vice president reiterated that a handful of voices within the movement doesn’t speak for the majority.

“There are some people in Black Lives Matter who don’t want to talk and have dialogue, and others who do,” Biden said.

Biden also described his meeting that afternoon with President Obama and leaders within the law enforcement community as candid. He said at least two organizations were very direct in telling the White House that they are not doing enough to support law enforcement officers. Biden said that the administration should reexamine how much extensive training officers across the nation currently receive, especially with regards to de-escalation. The White House will also look at providing additional military equipment.

“There’s nothing inconsistent with supporting the police and acknowledging the problems that exist in terms of dealing with the communities that, in fact, are feeling put upon,” Biden said, summarizing Obama’s message. “I’m feeling good about the direction this is going.”

Biden said that he plans to meet with the groups again in two weeks.

The vice president also defended Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who was recently cleared by FBI Director James Comey. However, the director also publically rebuked the candidate, describing her use of a private email server as “extremely careless.”

Biden said despite the controversy, Clinton could still earn the voters trust.

“Here’s the measure, I think, that folks are going to apply: Look at Donald Trump and what he’s saying and ask yourself, ‘Is it believable? Does he know what he’s talking about? Will it solve any of my problems?’ ” Biden said. “And look at what she has to say, what she’s proposing, and the honesty of her proposals. That’s the best way to deal with the perception that I think exists now.”

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