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  • GOP Platform Now Requires Schools To Teach The Bible For “Historical” Reasons (TWEETS)

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    Leading up to the Republican National Committee on July 18, members of the RNC are in the process of drafting the 2016 GOP platform. Late Monday morning, a platform subcommittee voted to pass an amendment that calls for forcing public schools to teach the Christian Bible as a historical document for all American history classes.

    The RNC also passed an amendment that calls for undermining the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision by allowing states to define marriage. They also passed an amendment that would limit transgender people’s use of public restrooms to facilities that correlate with their birth gender.

    Their anticipated changes include an amendment denouncing the Obama administration’s guidance to schools calling for the protection of transgender students’ rights to use the facilities of their chosen gender identity.

    Zeke Miller, a journalist for TIME, reports that Family Research Council President Tony Perkins just concluded a meeting with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to include an amendment promoting barbaric anti-LGBT “conversion therapy” as part of the Republican platform.

    Another amendment that passed calls for the elimination of any form of government intervention in parenting. The amendment would effectively allow parents to beat their children, refuse vaccinations for their children, and give parents the right to not educate them.

    And there’s also this little racist cherry on top.

    With a candidate like Donald Trump leading the party, the RNC seems to have found success in keeping up with his level of absurdity. But let’s be honest, these amendments would be on the RNC platform if their nominee were a ham sandwich.

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    Joe Clark

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