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Every Republican Who Thinks Obama Doesn’t Protect Cops Need To See This (IMAGES/TWEETS)

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The deaths of several police officers in Dallas last week was an absolute tragedy, and you can count on the GOP to react with the same bitterness they approach every tragedy in America with – by blaming it on President Barack Obama.

The Republican Party has been blaming Obama for everything they could ever since he stepped into the White House. But blaming the deaths of those police officers goes deeper than just a blind, heated accusation – conservatives have been saying that Obama is anti-cop for a while – with their attacks becoming more vicious every time Obama addresses police brutality and race relations in America.

The GOP has been claiming that the Obama administration is carrying out a “war on cops” with the help of the Black Lives Matter Movement. It’s absolutely preposterous, but many Republicans, such as former GOP congressman Joe Walsh, have been making ridiculous claims such as “Obama’s words & [Black Lives Matter]’s deeds have gotten cops killed.” Another GOPer, Rep. Roger Williams (R-Tex.), said that “the spread of misinformation and constant instigation by prominent leaders, including our president” are the reason cops are getting killed. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) even said that the Dallas attacks had “roots” in the “anti-white/cop events illuminated by Obama.”

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The GOP wants everyone to believe that Obama is failing at every aspect of his job, and he continuously proves them wrong. The same goes for Obama’s record with law enforcement. Republicans are accusing Obama of not taking any measures to protect police officers, but they are dead wrong. Thanks to a tweet by Hillary Clinton supporter Pat Fuller, we’re able to see just how much Obama has done to SAVE cops’ lives:

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When you look at the actual data and facts instead of resorting to prejudices and fear mongering of the GOP, it’s clear that under Obama, cops have never been safer. This data was reflected in another chart, published by the Washington Post:

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 1.10.36 PM

And if the data weren’t enough proof that the President is doing everything he possibly can to protect the lives of cops, the Republican party seems to forget that in 2015, Obama signed into law a nationwide “Blue Alerts” measure that serves as warnings to police officers if there are threats. The measure was called the “The Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu National Blue Alert Act of 2015”, named after the two NYPD officers that were attacked and killed last December. But Obama still hates cops, right?

The GOP has also failed to recognize that Obama condemns violence against police regularly. Whenever there has been an attack on police officers, Obama has not stayed silent – and the same was true for the Dallas attack. On Sunday, the president condemned the attack, saying that “Whenever those of us who are concerned about fairness in the criminal justice system attack police officers, you are doing a disservice to the cause.” The President has also previously called attacks on police “completely unacceptable.” He is scheduled to speak at a memorial service in Dallas for the fallen police officers on Tuesday – obviously because he cares about police officers.

Clearly, those who call Obama “anti-cop” and claim that he is somehow contributing to attacks against police officers cannot grasp that there are actually serious issues between law enforcement and minorities that must be addressed – and it’s not because of Obama. It’s because of racism and white privilege – something that the Republican party cannot understand.

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