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  • Trump Served As ‘Principal For A Day’ and Got SMACKED DOWN By A Fifth Grader

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    ​The amount of nonsense that seems to follow Donald Trump wherever he goes is almost incomprehensible. How can one single individual possibly be responsible for so many moronic statements and actions? 

    This uncovered story of Trump serving as “Principal for a Day” in 1997 proves that Trump will lie to and scam anyone, even if it’s an innocent child – and it’s a perfect representation of what Trump would be like as President of the United States. Unfortunately, those children seem to be far smarter than some of America’s current voters, because a fifth grader wasn’t afraid to call Trump out for trying to scam the school.

    The elementary school Trump had visited to serve as temporary Principal was located in a poor neighborhood in the Bronx, and in desperate need of resources. Every year, the school allows someone to be Principal for a day, although according to Art of the Comeback, Trump didn’t stay a minute past noon. He must have felt his work was done – it only took a few hours for Trump to send the school into chaos.

    Trump scammy track record at the school first began with a P.S. 70 bake sale, which was being used to raise money for the chess team. Trump put a fake $1 million bill in the donation basket, which would have been fine if he’d actually backed it up with real money. What was the billionaire’s actual donation to the bake sale? A measly $200.

    And things only got worse from there. Trump later gave a speech in an  auditorium, and his stinginess was so obvious that a fifth grade student openly blasted him for it after the business mogul donated a humiliating 15 pairs of sneakers for a class of 300 kids.

    Trump had asked the kids, “First of all, who likes Nike sneakers?”

    All of the 300 fifth graders raised their hands, but Trump felt like crushing their little hearts. He said:

    “If everybody puts their name on a piece of paper right now, I will pick 15 people and I’ll take you to the new Nike store that I just opened at Trump Tower.”

    Some fifth graders were so excited about winning the trip Trump was promising that they couldn’t see the injustice in the situation – but 11-year-old Andres Rodriguez couldn’t believe how slimy Trump was being. Rodriguez, whose father had passed away and whose mother has a bad leg that prevents her from working, asked Trump:

    “Why did you offer us sneakers if you could give us scholarships?”

    And that wasn’t the only issue Trump faced. His sleazy plan to donate only 15 pairs of sneakers was a disaster, as teachers had to console all of their young heartbroken students who were not selected as winners. Trump’s cheap nature came to the rescue again – but not really. While he could afford to buy every single student a pair of sneakers, he only bought shoes for the ones who complained, plus 30 special educations students.

    It seems that even before he was exposed as a scammer in his fraudulent Trump University lawsuit, he was practicing on children. This man is not presidential material.

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    Patti Colli

    My passion is bringing attention to human rights and equality issues. In addition to writing for New Century Times and other political platforms, I also run a website and digital magazine dedicated to social issues and promoting equality in all forms.