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Lewandowski Gets DEMOLISHED After Trying To Debate Al Jazeera Host Over Trump’s Trade Policies (VIDEO)

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Tuesday on CNN, following Donald Trump’s economic policy speech, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski made the mistake of trying to argue in favor of Trump’s absurd trade policies with Al Jazeera business correspondent Ali Velshi.

While Trump was outlining his seven-point plan to battle what he described as an ongoing trade war with other nations, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton taunted the billionaire on Twitter by pointing out Trump’s clothing line is made in Bangladesh, not the U.S.

Lewandowski didn’t help Trump’s case when he said that the billionaire chose to manufacture his clothing outside of the U.S. because he wanted to get “the best profits available.”

“What he’s talking about now is bringing American jobs back,” the former campaign manager explained during a panel discussion on CNN. “That opportunity was such that he had to go and find a product because he couldn’t get it manufactured in the United States. That’s very different from being the chief executive officer of our country and bringing those manufacturing jobs back here.”

Being polite enough to overlook Trump’s blatant hypocrisy in criticizing manufacturers who offshore jobs, Velshi focused more on finding out how Trump would deliver on his promises as president.

“Corey, his whole argument is he’s a businessman,” Velshi interrupted. “So, how is he going to do that as president?”

Before Lewandowski could regurgitate his pre-packaged talking points, Velshi proceeded to dissect the Republican candidate’s speech point by point. And literally, schooled Lewandowski on some history.

“I want to point out a few inaccuracies in his speech,” Velshi said. “President Reagan was an absolute free trader who four times in eight years brought in trade restrictions and all times they were temporary. The NAFTA agreement between Canada and Mexico was negotiated and put through by President George H. W. Bush. He tried to fast track it before his term ended in January of 1993 and he couldn’t do it in time.”

“Which is why Bill Clinton had to pick it up,” he continued. “And Bill Clinton added two side notes to that deal to add protections for U.S. workers.”

Velshi explained that Trump’s seven-point plan was really a four-point plan because the billionaire divided Chinese trade into three points and other trade disagreements into two points.

He wants to pull out of the TPP, which is by the way supported by a majority of Republican congressmen in Congress,” Velshi declared. “If this is the best speech Donald Trump has given, if it’s indicative of the type of policy speech he’s going to be delivering, we’re in for a very boring four or five months. And people who check facts are going to be very, very busy.

Like many of Trump’s puppets, Lewandowski has no answer for facts. He carries pre-recorded messages and just uses slightly different language to say them. Meanwhile, the candidate he supports is liable to flip-flop on his message at any time, leaving his supporters scrambling to contort and find a way to defend him.

By the end of this election, Trump puppets like Lewandowski will probably be in need of a very good chiropractor.

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