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  • Watch Trump Get His A** Handed To Him By NBC Host In Toughest Interview Of The Year (VIDEO)


    NBC’s Lester Holt asked presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump some very tough questions and Trump’s responses are indicative of someone whose candidacy is spiraling into the abyss of history come this November. The candidate, whose rhetoric has created a divisive environment in the country, rambled responses to surprisingly difficult questions. 

    One of the questions had to do with Clinton’s private email account. Holt asked Trump  about his accusation that her email account was hacked, which allegedly led to national security being compromised. Holt drilled him:

    “But is there any evidence that it was hacked other than — routine phishing –?”

    Trump  didn’t know how to respond to the valid question. He said:

    “I think I read that. And I heard it, and somebody–“

    “Where?” Holt pressed him.

    “—That also gave me that information. I will report back to you. I’ll give it to you.”

    It was perhaps the most embarrassing moment of the year for the GOP candidate.

    Watch video here:

    Trump’s accusations are very problematic because he never offers evidence. Examples of his consistency in making false accusations are alarming. Shortly after announcing his run for the Republican nomination, Trump collectivized Mexican immigrants as criminals. He’s blamed Muslims for the actions of criminals who commit acts of violence in the name of the religion, demonizing American Muslims and promising to prevent followers of the religion from around the world from coming to the United States. All with no evidence but propaganda.

    Donald Trump has proven time and time again that he does not have the leadership qualities to lead such a diverse country and his false accusations against just about everyone proves he also doesn’t have the character to be president.

    Featured image via video screenshot.