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John Oliver Calls Out Donald Trump Over Trump University

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  • John Oliver Calls Out Donald Trump Over ‘University’ Scam In Must-Watch Video


    If you still have no idea what “Trump University” is or why Donald Trump should get sued into poverty — if not thrown in jail — then you must watch the video clips below. The scathing commentary by John Oliver on Last Week Tonight is so on point, it’s worth watching even if you’re up to speed on the Trump U. scam!

    John opens by admitting that he actually looked into the shady Trump University back in February — the last time he epically roasted “The Donald.” Why didn’t Last Week Tonight address Trump U. then? As John Oliver explains,

    “It wound up on this very long list of awful Donald Trump stories that we literally didn’t have time to delve into, even in a 22 minute piece!”

    Horrifically amazing: there were just too many bad things to say about Donald to talk about his “get rich quick scheme!” And yet thanks to recent developments, there’s a brighter light than ever shining on the Trump U. scandal. That’s why the timing of this new segment by John Oliver couldn’t be more perfect.

    It’s great that Oliver’s first points about the Trump University scam are what ultimately proves it’s a scam in the first place:

    • Despite what Donald Trump said himself in an ad for Trump University, he didn’t “hand-pick instructors.”
    • The chosen instructors had no experience selling real estate…despite that being the entire point of Trump University.
    • As Democratic New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman pointed out, the program is called Trump “University,” but it isn’t an actual school.

    Any way you slice it, Donald Trump tricked thousands of people out of millions of dollars of their hard earned money. I almost can’t believe he has yet to be held responsible for his harmful actions. Almost.

    Thankfully, we have a tireless chorus of voices ceaselessly reminding Americans what kind of man Donald Trump really is. Segments like this can go a long way towards proving exactly what Trump has in mind when he talks about making America “great” again.

    Please watch the hilariously perfect John Oliver rant on Trump University below.

    Part 1:

    and Part 2:

    [Image via screengrab from YouTube]

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